Webcast and Captioning Services

Live Stream/Capture  -  Open/Closed Captioning

Webcast and Captioning Services

Live Stream/Capture  -  Open/Closed Captioning


Who are we?

Streaming Video. Live and On-Demand Webcasting.

Everyone's using some form of streaming media. You want to communicate more efficiently. But you'd like expert help putting it all together - reliably and cost-effectively. BxVideo can provide as much or as little as you need to make your streaming projects a true success - for you and your audience. BxVideo is a multimedia webcast services provider with a full-range of offerings and a proven track record with satisfied, growing customers from around the globe.

What do we do?

Our BxVideo services deliver all of your needs - webcast technical consulting, streaming network optimization, event live streaming, captures and hosting services with reliable and cost-effective content delivery - for as large an audience as you can assemble, both via the Internet or internal streaming behind corporate firewalls.  The unique expertise of our technical staff with the combined experience of more than 40 years in professional streaming and online media, A/V capture, networking and software web-services - available only from BxVideo – brings it all together and appropriated engineered for you and promises to make your online multimedia projects a huge success.



2018 Arthritis Expo that BxVideo recorded and streamed to Facebook Live:“It was awesome, thank you !!  And, truly, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help yesterday . . . so professional, accommodating and helpful with everything!  It’s pretty exciting for us,  – and we have you to thank!!”



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BxVideo Webcasting Services

BxVideo is at the forefront of Internet Broadcasting and is committed to the success of your event.  The combined experience of our staff brings to your event a unique intersection of skills and experience - electrical and sound engineering,  network design and architecture, live event production and customer support and implementation.


BxVideo Streaming Services

BxVideo is your source for live streaming events.


We have the expertise to stream worldwide events for customers inside their secure corporate networks.


BxVideo can provide complete on-site streaming event support (capture, encoding, streaming).


We provide the back-end streaming services for customers with our Private BxVideo Cloud, including:

    • Event registration systems with secure login
    • Live and post-event reporting
    • Closed or Open captioning
    • Low latency streaming


BxVideo can seamlessly stream your event to Facebook Live, YouTube, Livestream and other streaming platforms.


Recorded webcasts can easily be uploaded to your YouTube Channel, Facebook Site, Vimeo or your private internal site such as Sharepoint.


Need a hosted solution? BxVideo can also host your recorded webcasts in the BxVideo Private Cloud.

Streaming Infrastructure Purchase, Installation and Training Services

RMXPRES is a complete, outsourced virtual multimedia streaming server solution. It is targeted at customers who wish to outsource all of the software, server, and networking infrastructure required to host and deliver content. In addition to the outsourced streaming media functionality, customer's of this service receive access to the RMXPRES Content Management Portal giving them complete self-service control over and analytics of their multimedia streaming content.


This managed solution allows streaming to be deployed now - without expensive upfront capital expenditures and IT department training! It allows streaming to be deployed intelligently into areas that may not have had the bandwidth and infrastructure to support streaming applications previously. BxVideo’s managed, on-demand hosting solutions are available to support all other webcast encoding platforms.



Live Captioning Services

Using Newtek’s NDI® networking protocol, EZ Live Caption provides near real-time captioning of the voice track for live streaming. Captions are automatically injected into Internet-bound streams or can easily be edited in post-production for on-demand content streams.



Open or Closed - Automatically Generated for Internet Bond Content

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